ESU rehab started

Now we’re making headway on ESU!  The rehab has started.  It’s certainly a lot of work managing all these moving pieces, especially as the big ones are infrastructure related instead of simpler “get this unit rent ready” type work.  We’ve identified a few more new problems, as will usually happen, but also are finding that some of the solutions are going to be easier and cheaper than projected, too.  That’s less common, but certainly a plus!

It’s always exciting to make good progress and start knocking off goals and milestones.  I’m into the value-add part of investing because that value created becomes yours, but unfortunately my long term planning and perspective conflicts with my short-term impatience.  I know that this is only a minor irritant though, and the results do come with time.  Budgeting and allocating for those leaner times makes them survivable, and the rewards that come with it make it worth it.